Water Softener Salt Products
Diamond Crystal® Red-Out® Block with Iron Fighter®
Diamond Crystal® Brine Block
Typical 99.8% pure salt
Virtually 100% water soluble, helps eliminate brine
tank clean out necessitated by insoluble material
Can be used in most water conditioning units
Minimizes mushing and bridging; keeps your
water conditioning unit operating smoothly,
reduces brine tank clean out
Made with up to 99.8% pure salt.
Virtually 100% water soluble, these water
softener salt blocks are specially formulated
to resist mushing and bridging in the brine
tank— helping to keep your softener clean
and trouble-free.
High Quality

Water Softener Salt

Ice Melt Salt

Industrial Salt

Salt Products


Diamond Crystal ®
AAT Salt & Distribution™
Industrial/Food Salt Products
Cargill Top-Flo® Evaporated Salt
Cargill Hi-Grade ® Evaporated Salt
Champions Choice® Mix-N-Fine® Salt
Alberger® Specialty Salts
Intended for a variety of food
processing applications, including
baking, cheese manufacturing,
meat processing, seasonings and
prepared mixes. Non-food
applications include acting as a
carrier or a chemical and bulking
agent in many household and
personal care products. Contains
YPS (Yellow Prussiate of Soda) as
an anticaking agent.
For use in a variety of
food-processing applications,
personal care products
Alberger® Specialty Salts

For use in spices, meats,
snacks, natural cheeses and
other dairy products.

Available Special Order Only

Suitable for feed mixing or
free choice feeding.
A Brilliant Choice ®
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